Can we analyze fresh repositories using 100k loc limit per month

Hi I am having multiple repositories in my bitbucket account which total to about 2M lines of code , But I will not be analyzing all of the codes every month and only would like to analyze the new lines written on a monthly basis . Is it possible I would take the initial subscription of 5M lines and completely analyze my repositories and then downgrade to 100k lines of code as this will be the only lines written on a monthly basis . I would also like to know the 100k loc limit will it replenish every billing cycle can I analyze new 100k loc in different repositories or is it fixed once analyzed ? I was thinking of analyzing the other repositories in the next billing cycle by using the 100k limit then

Hi Ali,

Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in SonarCloud.

You kind of can do that, but I think 1) you did not understand how we count the LOCs and 2) you will not be using SonarCloud in the intended way:

  1. The LOC count does not reset each month. It’s related to how many LOCs you have in total.
    The count is not related to how frequently the source code is analyzed. If your private project has a 6K LOCs and you analyze it 100 times in the month, this will be counted as 6K for the billing.
    Full details here:

  2. To fully exploit the capabilities of SonarCloud we recomend to Clean as you code . So basically you have all your code in SonarCloud and every time there is a pull request, the code is reviewed and according to the criteria you set on the Quality Gate you decide to merge it or review/rewrite it.
    The idea is that you focus solely on the new code you write, and little by little you increase the overall quality/security of the entire code.

Hope this makes sense.

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