Need clarification about SonarCloud Billing Plans

Let’s say that we are using 100k private lines of code for 10 € per month plan.

And we have two projects (60k lines in first one and 70k lines in second one)

We added only first project at first month of usage.
Then we added second project at second month and updated 5000 lines inside first project (New code).

What number of analyzed lines will be counted at second month?

  • 60k + 5k + 70k? or
  • 5k + 70k? (because total code of first project is already analyzed in first month and don’t need to be analyzed anymore)

In case of 60k + 5k + 70k lines is counted. Is it possible to skip re-analyzing of whole code every month?

60k + 70k = 150k.

SonarCloud is licensed by the total lines of code analyzed in the largest branch of each project, at any given time (whether an analysis was performed in a month or not).

And so to have both projects analyzed in your organization, you would need the next largest plan.

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