LOC billed on evolving project

I read on the pricing page that a 6K LOC project that is scanned multiple times in a month will still only be billed for 6K LOC. That’s clear enough.

But what if you scan a 6K LOC project at the beginning of the month, then add 1K LOC and scan it again in the same month? Will I be charged for 6K, 7K or 13K?

Hi @petermorlion and welcome to the community !

Pricing plan is defined for the maximum LOC allowed (which is calculated among the “biggest” branch in terms of LOCs)

So if that branch overlaps the threshold defined by your subscription plan, you will most likely get an error saying that you need to upgrade, there’s no automatic process for that.

And to answer your question, as a said quickly above, number of LOCs is defined among the biggest branch of your codebase, so the answer is 7K.