How does Sonar licence calculate lines of code on a server

We are using SonarQube Developer EditionVersion 10.2 (build 77647) installed on a local windows server. We have two c projects setup with less than 20k lines of ocde. Our licence entitles us to 100K lines of code but when we analyse one of the projects we get the errors below:
2023.12.01 17:02:14 WARN ce[AYwmVE16sPbG2Z7B1KpP][c.sonarsource.C.F.B] The number of lines of code (102636) in this analysis would have caused the server-wide lines of code to exceed the limit (109061 > 100000)
2023.12.01 17:02:14 INFO ce[AYwmVE16sPbG2Z7B1KpP][c.sonarsource.C.F.B] Lines of code per language in this project: c: 145209, xml: 236, ruby: 1118

How does SonarQube calculate the lines of code? (there could be other projects on this server but they are not SonarQube projects)

Apologies. Just discovered test code is a subdirectory that caused our issue.

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