Sonar line of code issue

Hi Team

Currently we are using 500k line of code licence.
I have checked lines of code utilization in
Administration->Configuration->License Manager.
here it showing 491,643 line analysed.
Shown in below screenshot

However we have created only one project, and when I checked the size of project, It’s showing 353,913 lines of code analysed. Shown in below screenshot

We have skipped some of test folder using sonar exclusion flag, mention below

Could you please help us to understand which line of code utilization is correct.

Current SonarQube version -

  • Developer Edition
    *Version 9.3 (build 51899)

Hey there.

SonarQube calculates Lines of Code using the largest branch of all projects. So I suggest:

  • Having a SonarQube admin check the list of all projects on your instance (Global Administration > Projects > Management to make sure all projects are accounted for (viewing the homepage will only show projects you have Browse permissions for, potentially hiding private projects)
  • If you only have the one project, check the Measures tab for each branch.