How do you provision projects: from the UI or on first analysis?

What’s your preferred method of putting new projects under analysis?

Do you want to walk through the UI wizard each time, or be hands-off with scripting or automatic project creation on first analysis?

And would you characterize your organization as large or small? (Note that I’m deliberately not providing numbers for these characterizations. It’s what you think your org is. :smiley:)

I don’t create any project manually - in some companies I worked for this wouldn’t have been feasible with the amount of projects. For me it’s 100 % automatic project creation on first analysis.
That is why the permission template feature is awesome and I’m still eagerly waiting for the option to define a default regular expression to detect long living branches for an entire SonarCloud organization ;).

The SonarCloud organization of my current company is small though.


I’d rather prefer creating projects with all required configuration as code. The problem with the automatic project creation is it does not set all the configuration needed, like GitHub PR decoration (as far as I know). Creating project from the UI also requires modifying the project key. If you are building a Maven project, for example, where it derives the project key from the group ID and artifact ID, you must update the project in SonarQube accordingly.