What exactly does Prepare Analysis Configuration in Azure Devops pipeline tasks

Hi All,

I’m working on applying sonar cloud analysis to all our projects and repositories in azure devops.
We’re able to get the pipeline going which is good.
the only problem we have is that we need to create the project in sonar cloud first then use the attributes from that in our pipeline.
Looking at the attributes in Prepare Analysis Configuration it looks like the step has the potential to create the project in sonar cloud. unfortunately that doesnt seem to be the case.

I’m curious as to how this should happen



This was a feature that worked before, but this is in the process of being deprecated, so you’d better create your project first and act like that in the future to make sure that it will always work.


Hi Mickaël,

thanks for your reply.

What I did do was called the create project api method from my pipeline. that seemed to work although.
It’s shown that I will need to create a service account for our sonarcloud account

Oh, yes, for now creating manually via the WebApi works. What is deprecated is the autoprovision (let the scanner internally provision a new project is the project key doesn’t exist).