Automatic creation new project

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Can We Create Analyze New Project From sonar scanner cli in sonarcloud?


If I understand your question correctly, you can’t analyze a project that do not exist on SonarCloud. SonarCloud does not support the automatic creation of projects, you need to create the project on SonarCloud first, and then analyze it.
The recommended path to create projects is to import them from your DevOps Platform. If you need help to setup SonarCloud with your DevOps Platform, here is some documentation.


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Hi @Claire_Villard

i see, so we must initiate new analyze project from sonarcloud UI?

but in sonarqube, we can create Analyze New Project From sonar scanner cli. cmiiw


Yes, you must create the project on the UI first.
SonarCloud and SonarQube are 2 different products, that have some similarities and also some different features. This is one of those differences.

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