Automatic project setup?

Setting up a trial of Developer version SQ, using the MSBuild scanner. Worked through a manual project setup which went fine, but I see there is an option for automatic project creation also. Can someone point me to a link on how automatic project creation works ? I see nothing documented other than this reference…

“…A project is created in SonarQube automatically on its first analysis. However, if you need to set some configuration on your project before its first analysis, you have the option of provisioning it via Administration options or the + menu item, which is visible to users with project creation rights*…”


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You’ve found all the real reference there is. :woman_shrugging:

Basically, for your first project you provisioned and then ran the analysis. To create a project automatically, just skip the provisioning step and analyze your project just like you did before (you’ll want to make sure you’re passing a different sonar.projectKey, of course). And voila! Project creation! :smiley: