Share your experience: Automated bulk SonarQube project creation

Does anyone know of an approach to automating the creation of SonarQube projects that works across all languages and scanners supported by an enterprise SonarQube server? One that can ‘look’ at a SCM repository and know what type of configuration to generate ( MSBuild) or augment (Gradle, Maven, ANT) and how to accurately set the analysis parameters, including code coverage and other reports (think CloudFormation cfn_nag reports) while excluding 3rd party source and generated code.

I’m asking because I’ve been told there are companies that already do this. I have automation in place to do things such as create projects, apply permissions, and select quality profiles via the WebApi.
That said, I think the creation of a ‘full’ analysis configuration (code, test, coverage, linters,etc.) across so many languages and frameworks would be incredibly hard to automate.