Sonarqube project setting api

Hi sonar-scanners & teams, I have automated the sonarqube scan to do a first time base scan (this will add project to the sonarqube dashboard) and thereafter run sonar scans on a github pull request. The setup works fine and is also decorating the Pull Request however there is one step that I have to do manually for now since I could not find an API call to automate it.

When the project is newly created during the first time base scan, I have to update the Project Settings → Pull Request Decoration → Configuration, and I could not find an API that could do this for me and I can make it part of the automation.

I need help if there is an automated way out there to do this. Will appreciate any pointers or if a web_api exists.


Hi @ashishgoel,

It’s not clear for me what you are trying to do about this manual step. Would you like to explain more?

Best regards,