Is it possible to automatically turn on Pull Request Decoration in projects

Running SonarQube EE 8.3 with GitLab 12.10, self hosted

Everything is working great with our scans, but I want to decorate our merge requests automatically. My pipeline is setup and it works fine as long as I go into each project and configure “Pull Request Decoration”. What I am wondering is if I can set this with the sonarscanner properties?



Hi Howard,

Welcome to the community!

We don’t support passing the project-level PR decoration settings as scanner parameters, but if you’re looking to automate this, you could look into our web API, specifically api/alm_settings/set_gitlab_binding.

Docs for the web API are bundled within your SonarQube instance (see the “Web API” link in the footer of each page).

Thanks Jeff, much appreciated!

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