Cannot Use Merge Request Decoration Without Setting Configuration


I am trying to use MR decoration via SonarQube Developer Edition, Version 8.9.

I followed the steps that are documented in Decorating Pull Requests | SonarQube Docs. I have set my global settings in SonarQube Administration Page.

If I run the CI Merge Request pipeline, MR decoration does not work. But, If I select the Configuration in project/settings?category=pull_request_decoration_binding&id=PROJECT_NAME, MR decoration works. We have many projects in our ALM (25-30 projects). Is it reqiured for MR Decoration to manually set the Project ALM Configuration via Project Settings - General - Pull Request Decoration? Is there an automated way of doing this?

Here is my GitLab CI file via dotnet-sonarscanner.

SonarQube Merge Request Analysis:
  stage: Test
    - merge_requests
    - dotnet test 
    - dotnet-sonarscanner begin
    - dotnet build --no-restore
    - dotnet-sonarscanner end
  allow_failure: false
    GIT_DEPTH: 0

Thank you!

Must-share information (formatted with Markdown):

  • Developer Edition, Version 8.9 (build 43852), dotnet-sonarscanner latest.
  • MR decoration.
  • Manually set ALM Configuration via project/settings?category=pull_request_decoration_binding&id=PROJECT_NAME.

Hi @dogac_akyildiz, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

That’s a popular question today. I just answered a similar one a few moments ago.

Thank you @Jeff_Zapotoczny.

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