How do I edit/delete tags I've created?

So I’ve been trying to sort my code smells by using tags, and realize I can easily add tags if they don’t exist


I’m curious that once they’ve been added

  • Is there a central place I can see all tags created?
  • How do I manage these tags? What if I want to rename it? Delete it?

I tried google, but I can’t find the right article. Please help. Thanks!

Hi @CoffeeJack1 and welcome to the community !

Tags are per-project level, if you deselect it from the tag list, it will be removed.


Where is the this tag list you speak of? The only place I see a full list of tags is under the “Issues” tab filter.

What if I make a typo on my tag? It seems like there’s no way to edit it after.

You can find them just here (highlighted in yellow):

So I made this tag, tagging my issues

But it doesn’t seem to show up under the tags you’ve shown. Also, adding/removing a tag of the same name (in the area you suggested) seems to have 0 impact to the tag I used in issues.

Hi @CoffeeJack1

My bad, i thought you were talking about tags to set on the project itself.

Well tags on issues work pretty much the same way : You add tags on your issue, if the last issue that has a given tag unselect it, then it’s automatically deleted.
You can unselect it in this dropdown :

Unfortunately we don’t have any bulk delete for now on that.


Got it! That’s the answer I was looking for. If the last issue gets untagged, the tag is deleted. Thanks!

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