How to add a custom tag to an issue raised by OWASP Dependency-Check in SonarQube?

I’m using the SonarQube Community Edition Version 7.9.3. with this plugin ‘dependency-check-sonar-plugin’ which can be found here: . I used this plugin to check what are the built-in tags inside of it.

What I’m trying to do here is adding a custom tag to some issues raised by OWASP Dependency-Checker. Eg: Issues found by Dependency-checker will have a unique tag such as “owasp-dependency-check-issue”. My purpose is to identify these dependency-check issues when its all mixed up in many issues which can be found in the SonarQube UI.


You can do this issue-by-issue using the dropdown next to the existing tags, if any:


If you don’t find the tag you’re looking for, you can create it here.

To do bulk, select the issues of interest, and use the bulk change button:



Thank you for your explanation. I tried this way but seems like the tags are getting removed when I try to do this. I wonder why?


At what point are they getting removed? Immediately or after the next analysis? Or at some other point?


Hi, when I fill the “Add tags” and “Transition” fields and submit it, and I could see that they are immediately removed.

Thank you.


Could you check your browser developer tools and see if any errors are returned from the server when you submit your label change?