Custom Tags Missing in Issue Object


I am using SonarQube version 10.4.1 and trying to retrieve Issues using a plugin. However, I noticed that the custom labels I added manually in the rules section of the web UI do not appear in the Issue Object.
Dependency versions:

  1. sonar-plugin-api:
  2. sonar-ws:

I have already tried:

  1. Restarting SonarQube
  2. Rescanning the project
  3. Reconfirming that my labels are displayed in the Web UI
  4. Confirming the results using the Web API, where the tags are also missing

But the problem persists.

My questions are:

  1. Why do the custom labels not appear in the Issue Object?
  2. Is there a method to resolve this issue so that the custom labels can be correctly displayed in the Issue Object?

Supplementary Information:

I have also tried the following new steps:

  1. Adjusting the dependency versions
  • sonar-plugin-api:
  • sonar-ws:


Welcome to the community!

When did you add the tags to the rules? Was it before or after the issues were first raised? Because issues get the tags that were on the rule at the time the issue was created. Adding rule tags later won’t transitively add them to the rule’s existing issues.


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