How do I download sonar-branch-plugin?


  • SonarQube 6.7.6 Enterprise (licensed)
  • Trying to use the Auto Branch Feature and cannot get/find how to download the sonar-branch-plugin
  • Have gone to various sites to try and find it, but to no avail. Have enterprise license to all plugins, so need the commercial version.

Is there a particular link to download from?

Please help.



Once you’ve fed in your license key, you should be able to install the entire Developer Edition bundle (of which Branches is a part) from the Marketplace (Administration > Marketplace).


Thank you Ann… unfortunately, i’m working from a non-internet connected installation. Is there a way to download it offline?


I nearly included this in my initial response but was too lazy to look up the url. :roll_eyes:

You can download the edition from here:


No worries… actually, we already have Enterprise Edition installed. I need to get the sonar-branch-plugin downloaded…


The branch functionality is part of the enterprise edition. It should already be in the bundle.


That is what I was thinking too, but whenever we run a Sonar for Bamboo job, check the “Auto Branch” option, with “Legacy branching” unchecked, we get an error that says we need to have the plugin. Message is: “to use the property ‘***’, the branch plugin is required but not installed”

Perhaps you should redownload the bundle and check that you have the full contents installed.

OK, so it appears we have the LTS edition (, that we applied an enterprise license to. I see there is a separate file that contains the plugins. We’ll download that and give it a try.

Thanks for your help!