SonarQube Community Edition 7.6.2 Branch Plug in issue


(Taslim Jamal Arif) #1

Hi All,
I am using SonarQube Community Edition 7.6.2 for code analysis as a task in Azure DevOps. While running the build pipeline with feature branches it is showing the following error:
##[error]ERROR: Validation of project reactor failed:
** o To use the property “”, the branch plugin is required but not installed. See the documentation of branch support:**
ERROR: Validation of project reactor failed:

While I was going through various discussion that community edition is only used for master branch. But I was using the same for other feature branch also.
Facing the issue from past two weeks only.

Hope I will get the issue sorted as early as possible.

Thanks in advance.

(Adam Gabryś) #2

Did you change anything? Maybe some plugins have been updated?
How do you trigger analysis? Please paste your configuration.

(Taslim Jamal Arif) #3

Hi Adam,

I am using file for analysis of a Maven project while for .NET I am using the Integrated with MS Build option.