SonarQube 7.3 Community edition is failing with "the branch plugin is required but not installed"

We just upgrade to SQ 7.3 Community edition and the SQ VSTS extension 4.3.2 is failing the analyse task with “the branch plugin is required but not installed”.

From the threads I have read, it looks like this issue should be resolved in 4.3.2. When looking at the prepare step, it shows 4.3.2 as the task version. The analyse task shows 4.3.0 and fails with the above message.

What else can I do/check? All ran fine in the version prior to upgrading to 7.3.



There are a couple of past discussions on this topic already indeed. I believe the first thing you need to check before anything is the following:

And then if needed go through those few other threads to help narrow-down in which specific situation you’re in.