How do i disable/control SonarBot spam in Github?

  • team is notified for all changes after importing from github
  • Other topics mention being able to disable notifications, but options not available in sonarcloudUI?
  • notification controls also do not seem to be available in github?

I’m not sure which notification you’re referring to. Can you share a screenshot?

Hi Colin,
Sample slack notification from github app

github app configuration options


Are you specifically annoyed by receiving a Slack notification, or receiving a comment on the PR at all?

I’d like the ability to controls of the notifications. On which slack channels it can communicate, the type and depth of the notification, and for only specific repos. currently i see no controls at all?

I think these docs are what you’re looking for:

Thanks these posts look similar to my ask.
I’ve just disabled Sonar in total to resolve the issue.

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