Monorepo Notification

Hi, we recently convereted our sonarcloud project to be a monorepo so we can see test results independently of another.
The problem is now on github sonarcloud will post a comment per each separate project which in turn will make github send a notification email to all devs per comment. Meaning we’re getting spammed with 10+ emails per commit.

Is there a way to disable the sonarcloud comment on github or perhaps to only post a comment on failure?

Unfortunately there’s no way to address the notification issue on github because we don’t want to unsubscribe from the PR entirely, we just don’t want emails for sonarcloud comments.

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You can disable the summary comments in the settings. Go to Administration / General Settings / Pull Requests, and see the Enable summary comment toggle.

Is there a way to make this custom? We want to it leave a comment only if it fails

No, it’s either on or off. Note that this does not affect the Check, which indicates the red / green result of the analysis. That will always be there, regardless of the summary comment setting.