Disable GitLab Merge Request comments

Hi, I saw this has been done for GitHub, but I am facing the same inconvenience on GitLab.

Any solution would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Damien B.

Hey there.

As the merge comment is the only decoration possible with Gitlab (there’s no status check to otherwise indicate the Quality Gate status)… there’s no way to turn it off, otherwise, there is no Merge Request Decoration. In GitHub, there is an explicit status check tied to the commit even without the comment.

Can you explain a little why you find it so noisy? Do you receieve an e-mail notification each time a new comment is written? Something else?

Yes, I receive an email notification and I find it hard to follow the status updates and comments on my MRs. I don’t want to have to filter emails in conversations on my client.

So I figured that checking the status of the sonar analysis job would suffice for me (no need to add any decoration).

Then I click on “static-analysis” to view the job logs and I use the link provided in the error to view the details :

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve moved your post to the category where these kind of requests belong!

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Hi here,
my company just plugged in SonarQube bot in Gitlab, which is great.

But yes, the current behavior of using Merge request comments transforms them in spam factory; Each commit triggers a comment.
We need a way to deactivate this behavior globally, per project and per merge request.

Is there a way to override your default comment message? It’s way too long and when gitlab MR are integrated to Google Chat, it eats up the whole screen and important messages like code review comments or new MRs are being pushed to top of the chat window.

If there is a way to override the message or make it less verbose or just proivde the link to the scan result in sonarcloud.


Hello @kixmybhut ,

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There is no way to adjust this message as of today, and I’ve stored your feedback internally.