Lots of GitLab notifications

We’re using the merge request decoration feature with GitLab which is working very nicely.

However, if there are a number of code issues to resolve, then an update is posted to the GitLab merge request each time an issue status changes. This isn’t in itself a problem (it’s nice that GitLab is kept up to date), but it does result in an email from GitLab to all users who are involved in the merge request. Understandably our users are getting a bit frustrated with the volume of emails.

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable email notifications when these updates are posted to the GitLab merge request?

Many thanks!

Hi @matt,

Do I understand correctly that you’d like that all users involved in the MR receive the email notification only for the first MR analysis but not for the next ones that happen when the comment is updated ?


Hi @aurelie,

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. I have no idea if it’s possible, but it would be really helpful if it is.

Many thanks.

Hi @matt, do you know if Gitlab send notification if a comment is updated?

Right now we delete the comment & post a new one. If Gitlab does not fire email notification for update, that may ease the pain.

For GitHub, the behaviour is that if you change the status of issue, or proceed with the security hotspot review, we update the PR. And for every new analysis, we delete&repost. We could think of implementing the same kind of behaviour for GitLab.

Hi @pierreguillot, i can confirm that Gitlab doesn’t send an email notification when comments are updated.

I have raised the issue here, Excessive Gitlab notifications

Regards, Martin

Hi @MartinK, I saw your post and pinged a PM to consider this as feature improvement :slight_smile: I personally think that it makes a lot of sense.