How can I get totals of Rule or a group of Rules per analyses

I run several analyses of a project with the Sonarway quality gate, and now I want to select just a few rules of theses analyses. Can I do that?


what means “select just a few rules of these analyses” ?
Either you
want to run an analysis with a subset of rules from a former analysis ?
want to see only issues for specific rules via Sonarqube Web UI ?


I ran some analyses with sonarqube’s default rules, but I want to select through the API just a specific set of rules per analyses. Can i do that?

OK, if you want to use your own set of rules then create a new quality profile
A good starting point is to create a new quality profile as copy from a builtin - they are called ‘Sonar way’ - quality profile (also builtin quality profiles are immutable / not editable).
Then activate / deactivate rules, adjust the severity of rules … as you like.
Use one of your own quality profiles as default.
If you wish to use another quality profile, you may set it via Sonarqube web UI
(see project dashboard / Administration / Quality Profiles) or web api
(see yoursonarinstance/web_api/api/qualityprofiles) per project and analysis.

Sorry, but I have to run all analisys again? Can I just change de profile, and the numbers will be set with the new profile?

Changes to the quality profile will take effect only with the next analysis.
If you search issues for a specific rule after an analysis use filters in Web UI
or web api GET api/issues/search.