Customized Configuration of SonarQube Plugins


I am running the latest SonarQube Community Edition.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to run SonarQube Analysis, configuring the desired plugins to run only some rules or validations? This is, to run only some analyse rule and not all the rules.

The purposed of this is to make SonarQube faster.

Also, is it possible to run to run SonarQube Analysis, by disabling some plugins?
Example: Let’s say I have a 2 apps to analyse (App A and App B) and 4 plugins installed.
For App A I only need plugin 1 and 2.
For App B I only need plugin 3 and 4.
So my idea is to run an analyse to app A and disable plugin 3 and 4. When I analyse App B I would disable plugin 1 and 2.
Is this possible?


This is called Quality Profiles.

By default, all relevant analyzers will be used in each analysis. You can however, exclude all “.js” files from analysis, which would keep JavaScript analysis from happening.


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