Hot to customize the rules to analyze PL/SQL


(Valeriy Khisaev) #1


I’m evaluating SonarQube to analyze PL/SQL code. How to customize the rules to be used for PL/SQL code analysis? I would like to switch some of them off. Is there a way to do it?


(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Sure thing! That’s what Quality Profiles are meant for. You can study a bit the documentation, but for starters I would recommend just browsing your Quality Profiles page, creating a dummy one, and discover how can precisely fine-tune which rules are active or not.

(Valeriy Khisaev) #3

Thanks, I saw it, but it does not provide an ability to create a new profile. The dropdown displays only a single default profile “Sonar way”. OK, will drill down to the documentation to figure it out.