How am I supposed to invite new team members?

I signed up with BitBucket cloud and created my organization. How can I invite my teammates to join the organization on Sonarcloud? The admin UI requires the user to already have an account on Sonarcloud but to make an account one has to enter a credit card.

Hi @raffaelesgarro,

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To add members to the SonarCloud organization, the admin of the org should add manually members who have an account on SC for an org bound to BitBucketCloud, in the Members menu

I’m surprised because we don’t require a credit card to create an account on SonarCloud. Credit card is only required to make an organization private.

May I ask you what makes you say that, maybe our process is not clear or we have an issue.



I can’t see anywhere a button for regular “sign up”. You always have to connect with a source code provider like BitBucket, GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps. In the wizard (admittedly I only tried with BitBucket) you are not prompted to create a “sonarcloud account”. You must always add an organization.

Anway, I asked my BitBucket team members to connect with their BB account, and somehow they were recognized as part of the same organization.

I guess in the end it all works, but a classical “Invite users” button is expected.

Ah ok I see, you mean that when members want to join an organization, you think they must create a project and then an organization because they land up on this page

They can click on “not now” at the bottom right.
I admit that it’s not clear for members who just want to join an org that they have to click on “Not now” and wait for the admin to add them in their org.

Thanks or your feedback.