HouseKeeping of inactive pull requests not working

Hello, We are using SonarQube 9.4 community in a dedicated server, also using ‘Community Branch Plugin’ v1.11.0 to add pull request information.

Recently we realize that we are storing pull requests information since we started using the plug-in, almost a year ago. But in the HouseKeeping section, in the ’ Number of days before purging inactive branches and pull requests’ we have the default value of 30 days, so we thought that after that period of time, scans from inactive PRs older than that, would be removed.

The issue is that some projects may have +300 PRs scan stored, most of them older than 6 months, that are creating a performance issue while scanning or simply accessing the project information.

Are we missing something? Are the PRs info created with the ‘Community Branch Plugin’ not affected by the cleaning setting commented above?

Thanks in advance.


That plugin isn’t supported here. You should direct related questions to its maintainers.