Sonarqube Project Settings - Branch (and Pull Request) Deletion

Under Project Settings > Branches & Pull Requests,
I believe Sonarqube has default setting as follow:

Branches and Pull Requests are permanently deleted after 30 days without analysis.

But some of Pull Requests (obviously without Keep when inactive feature because it is PRs) remains active/alive even after two months.

I’m wondering what would be the potential reasons behind this.

Last Analysis Date shows as: 2 months ago

Hey there.

  • As requested in topic template, what version of SonarQube are you using?
  • You should know that housekeeping occurs when a new analysis of the project is executed (there’s no daemon in the background checking all the time to see if there’s PRs that are old enough to be deleted).

Thanks @Colin ! That was exactly what I wanted to know. So, it is possible that it can get deleted upon new analysis.