Housekeeping seems not working : inactive branches not purged


I have an instance of SonarQube with a couple of projects and analysis over two years. The problem is that I have many old branches without any activity since several months still here.
The housekeeping configuration is the default one and the inactive branches should be deleted after 30 days

I have upgraded this instance from 8.8 to 8.9 this morning.

There is a way to trigger housekeeping task to observe logs and find a problem?
There is another thing to observe to find the issue origin?


Technical information:
Instance of SonarQube (version 8.9 community) with the plugins :

  • sonar-cxx-plugin
  • sonar-gitlab-plugin 5.1.2
  • sonarqube-community-branch-plugin 1.8.2


Neither the cxx nor the community-branch plugin is supported in this community. For questions about housekeeping of illicit branches, you’ll need to contact that plugin’s maintainers.