HI , how to export all issue in pdf report?

Hi , how to export all issue in pdf report?

Welcome :slight_smile:

Either do it on your own via Sonarqube web api and process the results to pdf or try one of these plugins

free, works with Sonarqube LTS version but not latest

commercial ($), works with Sonarqube LTS and latest

Otherwise you may create your own plugin, see


Dear Gilbert

I install plugin(CNES report) as you mentioned above , after I click to genrate CNES report is show :
This SonarQube version is not supported by this cnesreport version.

my SonorQube version is 10.3 (latest version) and the CNES report plugin (version 4.2) I understand that the new version will not allow to generate the pdf report

may I ask if I install oldversion , can I export cnes report?
or if you have any advice , please let me know

Hi Grace,

as i wrote

there’s a hack to make it work with latest

but it has some impact to the Sonarqube web ui