Can I create a PDF report of the sonarqube code analysis results

Hello, I am new here.
I have just a question: How can i create a PDF report to incorporate code quality results? I would like to build periodically documentation to show the current state and the change of the code quality level(s) to the management.

Thank you for any hints in advance.

PS: I have the community version of sonarqube.

Hey there.

While you can use the SonarQube Web API to create exports of data, built-in project PDF reporting is only available starting in the Enterprise Edition.

Thank you for your information…

Welcome :slight_smile:

maybe this is an option for you !?

There’s also a commercial solution but cheaper than Sonarqube Enterprise here


Thank you for the infos. Meanwhile I have detected, that the enterprise edition ist installed. Thus the respective reporting features should be available. Is there a documentation explaining the reporting features of sonarqube available? May be someone coudl share me a link. Thank you in advance and BR Torsten.

Hi Torsten,

you didn’t reveal your Sonarqube version, but the main site for Sonarqube docs is

per default it will redirect to the latest version (9.5.0 right now) but you may choose your version from
the dropdown beside ‘Docs’
Then search for report



Thank you. I found the docs. :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention the docs are also builtin, means