PDF report (developer edition)

Hi everyone, I’m using Sonarqube (developer edition 9.4)
I have a doubt, with this version…can I generate a quality report of the project in PDF format ?

I have seen this github repository, is this what I should use?

As I have read in the documentation this utility is available in enterprise version and higher, so I do not know if the developer version includes this utility.

Thanks. :grin:

Hey there.

This is an ancient plugin hasn’t been supported since v4.5 LTS.

Built-in PDF reports are available starting in the Enterprise Editon of SonarQube.

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Hi, yes, I saw that but …it says “from the enterprise version and above”…does this include the developer edition?

It does not. You can find the “hierarchy” of editions here: Download | SonarQube

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Ok, so…If I understand correctly the report in PDF format is only available for the enterprise and data center version then, isn’t it?

That’s correct.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

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