Sonarqube pdf report plugin for community edition

I am currently using sonarqube- community edition. I need a plugin to download pdf reports of my analysis.
I tried cnes report plugin but it doesnt support the 10.x version. Is there any other alternative for it
CNES report plugin :GitHub - cnescatlab/sonar-cnes-report: Generates analysis reports from SonarQube web API.
I am looking for free plugin.

Welcome :slight_smile:

the cnes developers made the decision to support the latest LTS version, but not above.
That said, you might try to ‘patch’ their code as described here

The supported Sonarqube versions are hardcoded, see

I’ve tried that in the past and noticed some small glitches in the Sonarqube web ui, but cnes worked fine. So use at your own risk :wink:

Otherwise bitegarden offers some plugins ($) with a 14 day trial

The price is some hundred bucks per year.