How to download report through api using cnes plugin, am able to download using sonar dashboard?

need to download cnes reports using sonarqube web api, am using sonarqube vesion of 8.9.2

Welcome :slight_smile:

cnes report is a community plugin not provided by Sonarsource

The docs have

Notice about plugin mode

  • You can access to the plugin with the web api (/api/cnesreport/report) or with the web UI (/extension/cnesreport/report / “More” > “CNES Report”).

Right now it seems that Sonarqube 8.9.x is the latest supported version.
In the past the cnesreport plugin used to support the current Sonarqube LTS version - which is 9.9.0 right now. Don’t know if cnes report is still active.


Hi, Gilbert thanks for the quick response, can you please provide a sample on how to use this api /api/cnesreport/report to download cnes report.

You may simply use cURL, something like
curl -u YOUR_SONARQUBE_TOKEN: https://yoursonarhost/api/cnesreport/report

If you’ve installed the cnesreport plugin, you should see it’s web api documentation with all details via

I don’t have cnesreport installed, as we’re using the latest Sonarqube version.