UI issue with strange string names



I have just upgraded the Sonar community 10.0 to 10.3 but after deployment, It has been observed that the UI is not working as intended. Find the attached screenshot as a reference.

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Are you using the Sonar CNES Report plugin? What version of this plugin do you have?

Can you try removing this plugin temporarily and see if that stops the issue?

Yes, I was using the CNES Report Plugin but when I removed the plugin everything works fine.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks for confirming @syntax3r ! What version did you have? Does the latest version of Sonar CNES report plugin work or does it still have issues with UI rendering?

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Hi Joe,

The current LTS version is the highest supported Sonarqube version for the CNES plugin, AFAIK there are no plans to support the latest version.


Ah, right, the readme on Sonar CNES plugin’s page says that. Thanks!

I was wondering if even the latest version sonar-cnes report plugin version 4.2.0 is problematic on 9.9, but Hammad is on 10.3. Seems like it works fine with SonarQube 10.0 :thinking:

I was using the latest version of CNES plugin but I guess so It’s only compatible with the SonarQube 9.9 LTS.

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I have tested it with SonarQube 10.0 before but it was not working with that too!

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