Sonar-cnes-report v.4.2.0 and v.4.3.0 on SonarQube Community Edition v.10.4

Hi all,

I tried using sonar-cnes-report 4.2.0 and 4.3.0 on SonarQube CE 10.4.
Once trying to generate the report ( More → CNES report → generate ), I get a “error 500” on the server. Can you confirm that for this version of SonarQube there is not yet a working plugin for the report? I think I read on GitHub that they were at work, but I also wanted confirmation from the community. (:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot because when I put the .jar file on the server, the SonarQube UI was having problems. As a result, I immediately deleted the jar file from the /plugins folder.

thank you very much everyone


The CNES Report plugin was dropped from the Plugin Version Matrix because it’s not compatible with any active version of SonarQube.

If you’d like to pursue it further, you probably ought to raise an issue on the repo.

As a side note, reporting is available in Enterprise Edition($$).


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