Gitlab Limit doamin

Hey this is my first question, here it goes… Is there any way to limit the allowed registration domain when using gitlab integration in SonarQube 8?

Hi, you mean that you activated the authentication delegation to Gitlab? What kind of limit are you thinking about? In term of sign-in possibility, or permissions once logged in?

There one that come to my mind, limit login only to ‘’ effectively limiting who can logging, keeping unwanted eyes out the door while exposing publicly the sonar instance.

Okay so keeping unwanted eyes out the door => you can tune your SQ settings to private by default, and require all visitor to be authenticated to browse your SQ instance.

About limiting who can log in, that’s gonna be on your Identity Provider side: the whole point of delegating the authentication to another system is to control access from there.

One thing you could use is group mapping, with groups that have the permissions you need.

Thanks will try that way.