Authentication with several Gitlab instances

We are using SonarQube Developer edition
We have 2 Gitlab instances and we would like to authenticate through both of them
Currently it works with one, but I see no option for two.
Anyone know if there’s a possibility or a turnaround using something like traefik ?

Hi, no it’s not possible. You can only enable authentication delegation to one GitLab instance at a time.

I’m curious about your question, could you please elaborate on your use case, please?

Thanks for your quick answer
Sure, I can elaborate :
Some of our devs only need Gitlab community while others need more features, so we took a premium licence. Since the licence is paid according to the number of users we decided to keep our Gitlab community instance and to create another one for Gitlab premium. It’s not what my team planned but it’s cheaper so…
That’s why all of our teams use the same Sonar instance while we have two Gitlab instances.

The only solutions I see are :

  • We take another SonarQube licence so we can have 2 Gitlab/Sonar pairs (but we want to avoid multiplying instances)
  • We don’t use this feature

Are you using Merge Request decoration?

Yes we are, we had no problem with MR decoration on 2 Gitlab instances before but we were on SonarQube 6.5, so we had to upgrade. Are you saying it’s going to be an issue ? We’re currently testing our new SonarQube instance and we intend to migrate our projects progressively

Well, I guess that’s gonna be an issue for you indeed. with SQ Developer Edition 8.9 you can integrate only with 1 Gitlab instance for MR decoration. Multiple Gitlab instances MR decoration is supported on SonarQube Enterprise Edition and above (Datacenter Edition).