GitHub: You can't sign up because login 'username' is already used by an existing user


I am having trouble signing in with my github account since switching to two-factor authentication on my github account.

I get the error message:

You’re not authorized to access this page.
Reason: You can’t sign up because login ‘stickeraugust’ is already used by an existing user.

I have seen others having the same issue on here but it is always resolved with private interaction so I don’t know how to fix it. I have tried revoking access for SonarCloud on my github account and trying again without any success.

Can someone help me?

Anyone? :worried:

Hello @stickeraugust ,

Apologies for the wait, I am currently looking into your issue and will contact you again once the solution is in place.

@stickeraugust @Justin_Allen I have the same problem

Same issue here “peppi-scaleforce” account, Please help!

Thank you! Please check also my account.

@Justin_Allen I’m having the same issue as well - username: robinhughes

it’s working for me now! thanks

@Justin_Allen Can you please check my account “peppi-scaleforce”

Hello @Justin_Allen ,
I am having the same issue when trying to log in with Azure DevOps. Could you please advise?


A github user in our organization is also experiencing this behavior when attempting their initial login. Please let us know what we need to do as a next step.

Same problem here.

User: luizfp

Any update on this?