GitHub user sync failing for user

I have a colleague who is using his github account to sign into sonarcloud but the sync isn’t picking him up. Is there someone I can talk to about how to fix this?

To be clear:

The user in question used the “sign in using GitHub” option to sign into Sonarcloud.
The user in question is in our organizations GitHub user base.
The user in question is not showing up in our list of members in Sonarcloud.

What can I do to get him access?

Hey @RJ_Coleman,

Can you try to disable the automatic synchronization (switch to Manual) and re-enable it afterward? This should trigger member synchronization.


My apologies for not coming back to my own question. The issue was on the github user account side. There was a problem with the user’s set up in github. Once we resolved that, this issue went away. Thank you everyone for your time and attention on this!

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