Github private repository team members are unable to access sonarcloud


We have enabled Sonarcloud authentication through GitHub and have configured to auto-sync with Github. One of the teams in our Github organization has private repositories and those members are unable to access sonarcloud using their Github credentials.

Screenshot of the error message:

Sonarcloud-Github configuration:

Note: Members of other teams in our Github organization can access sonarcloud.

Hi @Aswathy_Jayachandran and welcome to the community,

Can you provide me privately the list of users with accessing issues?

We will look into it.


Hi Vincent,

Sorry, I am new to the SonarSource community and not sure how to send the list privately. Am sharing one of the members who has access issues - “jeff-ruhl”(Github username).

  • Aswathy


I’ll have a look at it.

This user is indeed not in your SonarCloud organization.

Is this user part of your organization on GitHub? If the user is only a member of the project but not in the organization it will not be added automatically to SonarCloud.

Hey Vincent, I am the user in question. I am a member of the organization.

Hi Vincent, Did you get a chance to look into this issue?

This issue is resolved. All members of the team have access to sonarcloud org now.