Not able to access sonar cloud projects individual bitbucket usres

Hi Team,

we are not able to access individual bitbucket users to sonar cloud.Only administrators can able to access sonar cloud projects after login with bitbucket credentials.for individual users we are getting below exception.Please let us know where we need to give read only access to the users.

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Hi Team,
Can we have update on this?

Hi @revant

I assume the projects are private.
Are the individual users members of the SonarCloud organization?
If they are, I suggest to check the organization permissions, using that documentation.
You can also check the permission templates defined on the organization, to be sure the group the individual users are member of in the organization, have the permission to browse the projects.

Hi @Claire_Villard ,

All individual bitbucket user are belongs to the same organization (ManhattanAssociates), but we have not added these users to SonarCloud.
we just wanted to know if there is a way to import all our bitbucket used to sonarCloud and give them a read-only access,
because we have 1000+ devalopes and it will be difficult to add users one by one.

And there is an option of “All members of the organization”, how can we use this option? We tried to give permission for this group but
users are not able to login getting the below screen (attached screenshot).


Unfortunately, as of today, we support member synchronization on organizations only for GitHub, not for BitBucket. The feature is on our radar, but we have no short term plan to announce yet.

It means that the only way to give them access is for every user to log in once on SonarCloud to create their account, and then for an administrator to add them to the organization. The “All members of the organization” option will then apply to them, but the users have to be added first.

I understand this can be a very big work to add 1000+ developers. Maybe you can split the work, by adding several users as administrators, to reflect the various teams on your organization. You can make them regular members after the initial import if you want to.

Thanks @Claire_Villard .

We have a plugin called “Bitbucket Authentication for SonarQube”, which takes care of allowing all the bitbucket users in sonarQube.

Do we have anything similar here in sonarCLoud or is there any way we can create a new user or any API to create users.

If there is any API to create new users in SonarCloud, can you send us one example.


There is no API to create users on SonarCloud, the users must log in using their BitBucket Cloud credentials to create their account and give SonarCloud the required access to their BBC account. There is no way to bypass that.

If you want to have a look at the Web API, everything is documented here.