Github Organization Rename Stopped Scanning

Recently we have named our organization in Github from RAIADROGASIL to SEJAVIT. Since then, automatic code check has stopped working.

As far as I could find, the only fix is through support by making some internal renaming (this issue), unless the is another way around.

Could anyone help me to fix this without having to recreate the organization and loosing everything we have scanned so far?


Hi @gmdmori-rd and welcome to our Community.

Could you please provide some information:

  1. Do you use our Automatic Analysis feature? Or other approach: Github Actions, other pipeline?

  2. Do you still have this issue? When you change the organization name, Github warns that this could take some time, maybe now it is ok again, can you check it?

I did a simple test and renaming the organization worked fine. You can check it at SonarCloud and the Github repository i’ve created for this (using Automatic Analysis feature).

Hey @Alexandre_Holzhey, it started working again.
The only thing that is not normalized is the summary comment on Github Pull Requests upon CI execution. Apart from that, everything else looks fine.

Can you double check the project key reference at your CI script? Since you renamed the organization, i think you should update the project key at your CI script. Let me know if that helps.