Github integration stopped working


Sonarcloud analysis with GitHub has stopped working for us completely shortly after the subscription period started (a month ago).
It was working fine during the trial period - it used to pick up new PRs/branches, decorate PRs, and show up under PR checks.
The monthly subscription started on March 29 and the last analysis (as seen in Sonarcloud’s UI) was on March 31.

The sonarcloud github permissions look fine from the app config page. The screenshot here is the same as this one from another related ticket.

Note: We are not using Github actions, so not sure where to check the logs.

Hey there.

It sounds like you were using Automatic Analysis. Can you check that it is still turn on for the project in question?

@Colin Thanks, that was indeed the issue. The automatic analysis seems to have been disabled somehow; enabling it manually did the job.

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