PR Decoration requires SonarQube v8.4.2+ starting October 1st

Hello SonarQube Users!

On October 1st, will remove several API endpoints involved in Pull Request Decoration.

These deprecated endpoints were used by SonarQube up until the release of SonarQube v8.4.2, a release made specifically to bring compatibility with the latest GitHub APIs.

Once these deprecated endpoints are removed, the minimum (and for now, the only) version of SonarQube that can perform Pull Request Decoration with is SonarQube v8.4.2.

All earlier versions must upgrade to this version for Pull Request Decoration with to continue to function properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will an update be released for SonarQube v7.9 LTS?

In SonarQube v7.9 LTS, only GitHub Enterprise was officially supported.

SonarQube integrations are supported for popular on-premise ALMs: GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket Server, and Azure Devops Server. Integration with the cloud analogs of these ALMs is was possible but not officially supported.

Official support for was added in SonarQube v8.1.

With this in mind, we do not plan to release an update to SonarQube v7.9 LTS to address API compatibility with

I use another version of SonarQube v8.x, do I need to upgrade?

Yes. SonarQube v8.4.2 is the minimum version of SonarQube that maintains compatibility with APIs.

Keep in mind that when not using a long-term supported version of SonarQube, the expectation is that you will upgrade with each new release.

Is there a workaround?


What has changed in SonarQube since the version I’m using?

Great question! Check out What’s New in SonarQube as well as the Upgrade Notes.

I use GitHub Enterprise, am I affected?

Nope! And, be aware that in SonarQube v8.5 (keep an eye out next week), the minimum supported version of GitHub Enterprise will be raised to v2.15. Currently, the minimum supported version is v2.14.

I’m a SonarCloud user, am I affected?


I have other questions, how do I raise them?

Please raise a new topic in Get Help > SonarQube

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