Frequent Failure of Automatic Analyses with SonarCloud on GitHub Project


We’re currently using SonarCloud’s Pro plan for a project hosted on a private GitHub repository.
Our routine includes using GitHub Actions and automatic analysis by SonarCloud.
However, we’re running into some issues.

Our automatic analyses often fail, showing us the message,
“Please retry analysis of this Pull-Request directly on SonarCloud.”
But when we try to look into it on SonarCloud, it redirects us to the ‘Main Branch’ view
and shows that the analysis was successful.

The ‘Main Branch’ view indicates the last analysis was 13 days ago,
even though we’ve made several commits and pull requests since then.
Oddly, the ‘Background Tasks’ view on SonarCloud shows that the analysis is still ongoing.

We’ve also seen a spike in failed tasks over the past week in the ‘Background Tasks’ view.
The error suggests we’re about to exceed our maximum lines limit of 343,031 lines.
This is puzzling since we’re on the 250k plan and our project only has 227k lines of code.
We don’t see how our codebase could jump from 227,000 to 343,000 lines so suddenly.

We’re considering upgrading to the 500k plan because these problems might be related.
But we’re unsure because it doesn’t look like we’ve hit our current limit yet.
Could this be something that happens when nearing a plan’s limit?
We’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I believe your report is related at least in part to this:

You should see this start to get better soon, with full resolution by, let’s say mid-morning in Europe.

That said, I believe it may not cover everything you’re experiencing. Would you mind updating this thread tomorrow afternoon or Monday with any automatic analysis problems you continue to experience?


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It appears that all the issues I reported have been resolved.
Thank you very much!

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