Feature Request: Import Ruleset (from files) for local use

In SonarLint plugin for IDEA custom rule sets can be fetched via server connections.
Cases where the connection is broken or not permitted due to network policies are unsupported.
Importing the rule set from a local filesystem would solve this issue.

Hello @gmuth and welcome to the Sonar community forum!
Once the connection from SonarLint to SonarQube or SonarCloud is set up, you can continue to work in case of temporary connection issues. SonarLint will use the latest Quality Profile configuration retrieved before the network outage, and the sync will, of course, resume when the network is back.

In case of network policies permanently disallowing the connection to SonarQube or SonarCloud, it is indeed not possible to benefit from connected mode. We’re considering this feature idea to provide a workaround in those cases, there is no ETA yet though.
I am curious whether this is the case in your organization; if developers are not allowed to access SonarQube, how do you approach fixing issues detected in your pull requests and branches?

Hello Marco, thank you for your response.
Indeed the network policies disallow API connections to SonarQube from local developer machines in our setup (WebUI-connections are okay). CI/CD pipelines are permitted to access SonarQube. Scan results are available via the SonarQube Web-UI. Authentication for the Web-UI is implemented through other IDPs via Atlassian Crowd. So developers can only check scan results and findings with the SonarQube WebUI.
This means we have to commit and push code first in order to have it scanned/analysed. I’d rather like to see warnings (according to our custom quality gates and rule sets) before pushing code to git.