SonarLint work with rules diferents from remote SonarQube Rules

Hi everyone,

My SonarLint in the IntelliJ 2021.1.3 and Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS work with rules diferents from remote SonarQube Rules

For example, i remove every rules localy but when i execute analyse, i get bug code smell that not exists in then remote server.

Can anyone help me?


Hello Fabio,

Thanks for posting here!

Could you give us more details about your problem: what code are you trying to analyze ? Which rules did you activate ? For which language ? A small reproducer file/project would help us understand what happens

EDIT: there is a way to connect SonarLint to your SonarQube, to get the same activated rules locally than on the server. Please follow instructions here

Hi Damien,

I updated the IntelliJ version to 2021.2.1 and it solved my problem.


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