Rule Being not Appearing in Analyse of SonarLint in Intellij IDE

Hi ,

I managed to connect to my remote sonarqube server. But when I run the analysis in an html file. There is a rule that is not being criticized.

Follow the image and the rules.

Anyone can help me ?


Hi @Colmanetti

According from the logs, you are using connected mode. In connected mode, rules configuration is the same as what is defined on the server for the same project (= quality profile).
The first screenshot you shared (rules configuration in SonarLint settings) is only used when your IntelliJ project is not bound to SonarQube.

@Julien_HENRY Thank very much for responding.

So i’m having trouble with quality profiles from the server. Because not all rules all being applied. Is that any way to debug / logs to see something that possible being the problem.

There are very common reasons for some server side rules to not be checked in SonarLint. Look at the FAQ for details.